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Health Assessments 5141.1

Health assessments are required annually for all students participating in interscholastic athletics. These health assessments must be conducted after May 1st of each calendar year.

Health assessments may be provided in the schools in conformance with administrative regulations and such examinations are made in the presence of the parent or guardian or in the presence of a school employee. The parent or guardian of such child shall receive prior written notice and shall have a reasonable opportunity to be present for such assessment or to provide for such assessment.

A report of the health assessment conducted by the health care provider must be submitted to the school on the required health assessment form and will be included in the child's cumulative heath record.

Legal Reference:

Connecticut General Statutes, Sections 10-204, 10-204a, 10-206, 10-208 and PA 91-327

Public Act 07-58 An Act Concerning Health Assessments For Adolescents